First Lady attends closing ceremony of Mental Health Ambassador training programme
09 October 2019
First Lady officially unveils new branding of P.L. Kids Preschool
08 October 2019
President meets with North Huvadhu Atoll Councillors
07 October 2019
President releases statement regarding MDN Report
07 October 2019
President meets members of Dhigurah Island Council
07 October 2019
President meets Bodufolhudhoo Council members
06 October 2019
President urges teachers to strive to build a generation of compassionate students
05 October 2019
First Lady attends Cancer Society of Maldives Fundraiser
04 October 2019
First Lady urges for environmentally-friendly practices in upbringing children
04 October 2019
More Executive Roles for Maldivians Pivotal for Tourism Growth - President
03 October 2019