Announcement for applications for vacancy on Tax Appeal Tribunal cancelled
30 March 2020
President ratifies first amendment to Anti-Human Trafficking Act
29 March 2020
'The most fundamental charge of the Police Force is to protect and serve the Maldivian people' - President Solih
29 March 2020
President inspects COVID-19 Isolation facilities development in Male’ region
26 March 2020
President Delivers Press Conference Regarding COVID-19
25 March 2020
President appoints member to the Elections Commision
23 March 2020
Applications deadline extends for vacancy on Tax Appeal Tribunal
18 March 2020
The President’s Office orders Government employees to remain home except for emergencies and accessing essential needs
18 March 2020
Cabinet announces measures to increase state budget and reduce spending during COVID-19 crisis
17 March 2020
President declares government offices closed from 19-26 March as precaution against COVID-19
17 March 2020