President Mohamed Nasheed has said that cases of child abuse, drug trade and corruption should be dealt with expediently in order to establish good governance.

The President made this statement in his radio address to the nation which was broadcast on the Voice of Maldives 7.15 this morning.

Speaking on the importance of strengthening the judiciary for good governance, the President said that the government and the people must as a matter of priority see if the judiciary was functioning efficiently.

He said that it was normally believed that justice delayed is justice denied.

The President noted that the Constitution stipulates fair and transparent hearings by the courts as a fundamental right and that it also clearly lays down the foundations of a judiciary that is separate and independent from the other branches of government.

He added that various mechanisms of strengthening the judiciary need to be adopted and put in place. He said that ensuring the independence of the judiciary was one such important measure.

The President said that as the number of court cases were on the rise, building capacity and resources was essential for efficiency. He said the Judicial Service Commission must cooperate with the courts and as an immediate measure Judicial Service Commission should review the criteria for appointing judges.

Highlighting that there were many qualified lawyers in the Maldives, he said that the Judicial Service Commission should give priority in appointing such people.

In his radio address, President Nasheed also announced that beginning from 1 September 2009, government announcements would be published only in the government gazette.

The President also highlighted on the National Writers’ Day, which is 8 July. The National Centre for Linguistics and Historical Research and local writers will hold several activities to mark the day.

The President concluded the radio address by providing information on his scheduled visit to the United Kingdom. In his visit, the President will give a lecture at the British Parliament will attend a forum on climate change to be held at the Oxford University.