Vice President Faisal Naseem has met with the senior management of Fuvamulah Hospital and held extensive discussions on the issues they face in running the hospital. The meeting was held tonight at the Secretariat of the Fuvahmulah City Council, as part of the Vice President's trip to Seenu and Gnaviyani Atoll.

During the meeting, hospital management presented information on the problems they face and plans for further growth of the hospital. In this regard, they stressed a shortage of equipment, lack of sufficient human resources and the scarcity of space resulting in difficulties in the provision of services to patients. Moreover, they shed light on the difficulties they face in introducing new healthcare services in the hospital and about the challenges they face in operating per the decentralized health system.

The Vice President instructed the hospital management to work together with the Ministry of Health to overcome the obstacles together. He also stated that he would speak with relevant authorities on the mentioned matters of urgency at the earliest convenience. The Minister of Health, Ahmed Naseem, who joined the meeting with the Vice President, stated that the Ministry will look into the issues flagged by the hospital and provide assistance in finding solutions. He also stated that the Ministry will dispatch an expert to review the hospital framework and bring necessary structural amendments.

The Minister of Finance, Ibrahim Ameer also attended the meeting.