The National Awards Committee has announced that they have accepted ninety-four nominations forms for this year's National Awards, by the submission deadline. They also announced that the evaluation process for the submitted nominations is now underway.

The National Awards are presented to outstanding individuals, civil institutions, private companies and organisations, for contributions to national development and in recognition of and honouring exceptional and continuous services towards nurturing a healthier and more vibrant society. The National Awards this year are conferred in 33 distinct fields, while the 94 submissions received were made under 26 categories.

The National Awards, presented annually, are the National Award of Honour and the National Award of Recognition. The National Award of Honour is presented to honour exceptional and prolonged services. National Awards of Recognition are presented in recognition of the continuity of exceptional services.

The 'Awards of Recognition for Outstanding Service’ was introduced in 1979 and was changed to 'National Award for Recognition' from 2009 afterwards. Beginning from 2019, the National Awards have been presented during the Official National Day Ceremony.