Vice President Faisal Naseem has met with council members from Nilandhoo Island Council of Nilandhe Atoll and discussed the progress of ongoing and planned development projects in the Island. Some institutional heads of the island also joined the online meeting held this afternoon.

At the meeting, Vice President Faisal Naseem inquired about the most pressing issues and challenges faced by the constituents and listened to their concerns in regards to electricity and sewerage issues on the island. The Vice President gave the latest updates on the issues raised by the Councillors, stating that the transfer work of the generator and other amenities needed for the electricity upgrade is in progress. He also stated that further discussions would be held with Fenaka Corporation in regards to the concerns raised regarding electricity and sewerage on the island.

Vice President Faisal Naseem strongly advised the Councillors and institutional heads to spread awareness on the current health situation and to urge their constituents to adhere to the guidelines set by the health care professionals at this critical time.