The Government has today publicized the list of eligible candidates who applied for public housing under the ‘Hiyaa public housing project’, and were unreachable via telephone for the physical verification process to assess their living standards.

The list of unreachable applicants under the Hiyaa public housing project’s categories H4, H5, H6, H8 and H10 was gazetted in a press release issued by the Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes. The committee also informed that as the physical verification process for categories H7 and H9 are currently underway, the list of unreachable eligible candidates for those categories will be publicized at a later date.

The Committee Investigating Public Housing Schemes also emphasized that the publicized list is for the physical verification process of eligible candidates and is not an exhaustive list of flat recipients.

The Committee appealed to all persons named in the list to fill in the form found at before 15:00 hours on 14 July 2020.

The press release can be found at: