Vice President Faisal Naseem has held discussions this afternoon regarding nationwide short-term training programs to strengthen and reinforce the local tourism industry workforce. The online discussion was joined by the Minister of Tourism, Ali Waheed, Minister of Higher Education, Dr Ibrahim Hassan, and representatives from relevant councils and institutions.

The Vice President spoke during the meeting, reinforcing that President Solih intends to prioritise the employment of Maldivians in all trades and industries and that the government aims to train and develop the national workforce to maximise the opportunities for Maldivians.

During the meeting, Dr Hassan gave information regarding the training programs, stating that it was produced through a study to identify human resource requirements and that 20 courses of Certificate 3 level have been designed and are ready to initiate. He said that in addition to the theory components, the programs will also include a practical component that would be completed on-site in tourist resorts. Dr Hassan also explained the inference behind this structure as the practical component would help students gain hands-on experience and better prepare them for employment. He requested the aid of the councils to recruit students to enrol in the program.

Minister Ali Waheed also asserted that the tourism industry requires more hardworking Maldivians and further training opportunities to develop their skills. He underscored the importance of designating some tourism industry jobs exclusively for Maldivians. Minister Waheed also gave updates on the preparations underway to reopen the Maldives border.

Concluding the meeting, Vice President Faisal Naseem commended the councillors for their firm involvement in making the lives of the pubic better. He urged all the attendants to coordinate to make the program a success and steer the country towards a brighter future as we progress from 'new normal' to 'normal'.