The Cabinet of Minsters has held discussions on preventive measure currently being taken by relevant Ministries to safeguard the Maldives and it's people from the global Novel Coronavirus outbreak. The discussions were held this afternoon at the President’s Office during the Cabinet Ministers' meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih shed light on Administration's immediate action following news of the global medical emergency and detailed the preemptive measures taken after discussing and coordinating with relevant stakeholders. He also thanked all stakeholders for their support and collaboration in preventing the virus from entering Maldives, making a special note of gratitude to the officials working at the tourism sector for actively being alert through out the process.

President also noted that Maldives was braced for the Coronavirus during this period of high season for tourist visits. He also noted the remarkable work of institutions taking to minimise the risk of spreading the virus through awareness sessions conducting by the authorities. He assured that government bodies would continue taking all necessary precautionary actions to ensure the safety of the public.

During the meeting, the Cabinet discussed immediate action to follow the outbreak of the virus in neighbourhood countries. The President urged all relevant authorities to coordinate with local media and continue disseminating the latest updates and information to the community.