The Special Award Committee has revealed that 39 individuals will receive the National Award for Special Achievement this year.

The recipients of the special medal honoured by the President are; one recipient who achieved an outstanding accomplishment in attaining the highest academic qualification (PhD) in the Maldives National Qualifications Framework; 32 recipients who achieved the highest rank in an academic or skill training course; and 6 individuals who achieved the highest rank in an international exhibition or competition. The special recognition award will also be awarded to two national sports teams this year.

The President will also present medals to 16 individuals who earned the title of Hafiz, for memorizing the Holy Quran and 17 students who achieved the top position in the world in various subjects. In addition, two scouts will be awarded a special plaque of recognition while five scouts will be awarded the President’s Scout badge and six scouts are to be awarded the Baden Powell badge.

The National Award for Special Achievement will be awarded to recipients at Dharubaaruge on the 10th of November at the special function to mark Republic Day 2019.