The Government of Maldives has submitted a bill to the People's Majlis regarding Pesticides. The Government of the Maldives understands that proper regulation of potentially threatening agents such as pesticides is imperative to protect Maldivian citizens and the ecology of the islands. The bill encompasses a wide range of elements including setting standards for the import, use, production, export and proper disposal of pesticides. The bill also includes best practises for the usage of pesticides correlating with health, wellness, environmental and ecological conservation.

Additionally, the bill also allocates a Pesticide Unit within the pertinent Ministry, as a Government entity with a mandate to assist and protect the public from adverse effects of misuse of pesticides, take all necessary actions and steps to negate all safety concerns and promote best practises. The unit would also include a research division with official laboratories to monitor, evaluate and collect data and statistics to help make the safest decisions for the community.

Not-compliance with the Pesticides bill can lead to fines ranging between MVR 5,000 and MVR 100,000 depending on the severity of the infraction.