The Emergency Planning College, part of the government of the United Kingdom, is currently conducting a workshop from 21st to 25th July designed to strategize on effective collaboration between separate institutions and agencies when responding to emergencies, entitled ‘Building Multi-Agency Collaboration in the Maldives’.

The workshop is being held in partnership with the President’s Office of the Republic of Maldives, UK Counter Terrorism Policing, and the JCLEC, and involves participants from a wide-range of institutions, representing various government ministries; the Maldives’ Police Service (MPS) and the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF); the health sector; as well as the local government authority and civil society organizations.

It is hoped that the sessions held throughout the workshop will shine a light on the best path forward to build better working relationships between different institutions and agencies, and help them formulate more effective procedures when responding to any threat confronted by the Maldives, thereby strengthening the country’s emergency preparedness.