President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that youth should be focusing on taking the responsibilities of their own life and need to be employed to earn their own income. The President made this remark in the statement published today to mark the occasion of the international labours day.

The President said in his statement that working to earn a decent income is an individual and social responsibility. However, the President highlighted that there is a number of youths who are unemployed only because they did not find the specific jobs which they seek. In this regard, the President highlighted that no profession is a low standard profession to earn for living.

Furthermore, the President stressed the need for the introduction of the minimum wage in order to increase the employment opportunities for local workers. Moreover, the President said that the government already started discussions with the relevant authorities to facilitate preparation for minimum wage in the country. In this regard the President said, he has a high hope that the works will be finalized when the 19th People’s Majlis starts their term.

The President also highlighted the challenges and difficulties faced by labours. The President said, that the main challenge face to labours in the past few years was dismissal, demotions, and changing the work environment for political reasons. The President further said that the government is trying to resolve those cases and trying to re-employ them in their respective fields. The President mentioned that more than 300 employment-related cases were presented to the Employment Tribunal let alone last year and from those more than 90 percent of cases won against employers because their actions violated employment act.

The President also highlighted the challenges faced by expatriate workers in the country. The President said that some of the expatriate workers are faced with many types of abuses such as abuse of non-payment of wages, non-compliance of contract, and exposure to poor living conditions.

In his press statement this morning the President retreated the government’s commitment to promoting the right of employees as well as employers. Furthermore, the President highlighted that Mayday will be a day for workers when it is understood as a day of reflection for the workers and their efforts that build the country.