As part of this administrations pledge; to increase the investment opportunities in different sectors and to promote an investment-friendly environment for local and foreign investors in the Maldives, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has by a Presidential Decree, established a 100% state-owned company known as the “Maldives Fund Management Corporation Limited”.

Maldives Fund Management Corporation Limited was established with the aim of creating a company that assists in the mechanism of acquiring inexpensive finance options through fund structures for Maldivian investors and foreign investors under Section 95 of the Maldives Constitution Act No 10/96 “The Companies Act of the Republic of Maldives” and with the President’s authority, by a Presidential Decree no 3/2019.

The new company was established with the responsibilities of fulfilling national goals of development through increasing private sector investment with the aid of the government, to increase the wealth of the country and to increase the strategic investments through managing the risks and profit ratios.